Who is Eligible?

  1. company must be at least 60% owned by Malaysian
  2. Company is registered under SSM/PBT
  3. The co-operative registered under suruhanjaya koperasi malaysia/Lesen professional
  4. Has been operating for at least 6 months
  5. company/co-operative with a minimum annual sales turn over of RM 50,000
  6. Not Eligible for those who received Digitalisation Matching Grant before.


  1. 公司至少60%由马来西亚人拥有
  2. 公司在SSM/PBT注册
  3. 合作社注册于Malay西亚合作社委员会/专业许可证
  4. 已营运至少6个月
  5. 公司/合作社的最低年销售额为RM50,000
  6. 不舍和于之前获得过数码化配对补助金的公司

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