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How to do depreciation in AutoCount Accounting?2022-12-09T09:41:42+00:00

To do depreciation, you can go to GL and select Journal Entry.

I had set Official Receipt and Payment Voucher numbering for different bank but the numbering format did not show when I received payment or make new payment.2022-12-09T09:41:19+00:00

After edit document numbering, you can go to General Maintenance and select Payment Method Maintenance. Select bank under Payment Method column to edit it. You can then set document numbering at Payment Document Numbering Format and Receive Document Numbering Format.

How to set document numbering?2022-12-09T09:40:58+00:00

You can go to General Maintenance and select Document Numbering Format Maintenance. Here, you can set numbering for different categories of document, e.g. GL, Manufacturing, Purchase, Sales and Stock.

How to restore without backup after I had formatted my PC?2022-12-09T09:38:02+00:00

You can save AutoCount Accounting Data folder at drive C before format your PC. Once you had formatted your PC and reinstall AutoCount Accounting, you can go to File, select Manage Account Book and click on Attach Database File. Click on Get Available Server to select your PC server which is in this format, your computer name/A2006. Then, browse at Physical Data File column and select file from AutoCount Accounting folder. Click OK once you had selected the file.

How to attach an account book?2022-12-09T09:38:19+00:00

You can go to File and select Manage Account Book, select Attach Account Book then click on Get Available Server and select server. After that, click on Get Available Database and select AED file to attach.

How do I add exception to Windows Firewall?2022-12-09T09:38:13+00:00

By default, if you install SQL Express using AutoCount Accounting CD, the setup program will automatically add exceptions to your Windows Firewall, so you don’t have to do anything in order to allow other PC to connect to the server. However, if you found it not working, you can run a program called SQLUtility which is available in the AutoCount Accounting CD to help you add exceptions to Windows Firewall.

I had selected server but I get “Error while connecting to SQL Server”error message when I click on Get Available Database to attach account book.2022-12-09T09:38:31+00:00

The most likely reason is the SQL Server is blocked by firewall. The firewall might be Windows XP Service Pack 2 firewall or Windows Vista firewall, or other third-party firewall which comes with anti-virus software or anti-spam software. You should add an exception to the firewall or turn off the firewall in order to make it work.

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